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Adopted Dog RescueCenters.com is dedicated to Topper, my first dog, who I rescued from an animal shelter. The shelter staff tried to talk me out of adopting her because she was so old. Although she only lived two years, I'd never trade that experience for anything. She was a fun-loving, very special member of our family.

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Our cat Barney was adopted from a shelter, which had a 95 percent kill rate at that time.* For every 100 animals brought in to the shelter, 95 healthy pets would be euthanized within two weeks if no one claimed or adopted them.

Barney was only two days away from being "put down" on the day we adopted him. He is the most adorable, smart and affection cat you'll ever meet. He's friendly to everyone, taught both of our "free to good home" dogs to be his friends and playmates, loves to go on hikes, and most of all loves to be held and petted. I can't imagine our home without him.

If you want to adopt a pet, think about choosing an adult animal. Although the intention of animal shelters is to help unwanted pets get placed in homes, due to over-population, most shelters end up being a waiting place for animals to get euthanized (death row through no fault of their own), especially the adults.

*Note: Thanks to the tireless efforts of local animal activists, that particular shelter changed hands and became a "no kill" facility.

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